Q&A With Captain Katy Woodcock

As we start to prepare for the return of competitive football in the next couple of months we caught up with first team captain Katy Woodcock to take a look at 2020/21 and find out what she thought of last season.

1. What were the positives from the 2019-20 season? Not getting relegated and on a personal note? Being selected as the team captain.

2. What did you think of the decision to end the season? I think the decision was responsible and appropriate given the circumstances. From a selfish point of view, it also prevented us from potential relegation which is a massive bonus.

3. What are your personal goals for 2020-21? To be at my fittest both physically and mentally.

4. What are your team/club goals for 2020-21? To compete and secure higher league table

positions within the league.

5. What would you like to see done differently at BCWFC in 2020-21? For the team to consistently meet our performance expectations.

6. What impact have Chris and the coaching team had since their arrival? Chris has brought a lot of structure and discipline back to the teams. The coaching staff are really professional and deliver quality training sessions each week.

7. What are BCWFC capable of in 2020-21? The squad numbers have been growing since we’ve returned to training and we have some great quality. We are capable of competing in the league and producing quality team performances.

8. What has lockdown been like for you, both in football and non-football terms? It’s actually been better than expected to be honest. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve found it quite draining at times but I’ve been lucky in the fact that I’ve been able to continue working. In terms of football, it’s been very weird. At first it seemed like we were just finishing the season earlier than usual but then as the weeks went on, I started to get itchy feet and just wanted to be back training.

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