Bradford Mid week fixture vs Leeds UTD

By Chris Routledge

City travelled to Thorpe Arch to play a midweek fixture against Leeds UTD. Due to player

availability midweek matches are suited to teams that have strength and depth in their

squads. As all City fans will be aware the Bantams have at times been short of numbers and

again they pulled in a couple of players that had been performing well I n the reserves.

City knew this was going to be a hard game but got off to the worst possible start, after four

minutes Leeds striker Rebecca Hunt was the beneficiary of a marginal off side decision and

she rounded Routledge in the City goals to open the scoring. Leeds continued to press City

who struggled to get any sort of passing game going and scored twice more before the


Half time - Leeds Utd Women 3-0 Bradford City Women

The second half started with City looking a bit more purposeful, they were closing down in

the midfield more and starting to look dangerous, with a couple of chances for Monika Stube and Falone Sumaili but they came to no avail. Leeds went on to score a further three goals in the second half.

The game did give manager Chris Hames a few problems to solve, such as why did a

defence that looked so solid the previous match look so unsure tonight. He also looked very

frustrated at the number of cynical fouls against his team that were either not seen or not

punished by the officials.

Full time - Leeds UTD Women 6 - 0 Bradford City Women

This Sunday City host Chorley Women, it is be a game that it is imperative to get a good

result and take away at least a point, especially as City always seem to perform better at

home. Chorley are a couple of places above City and have just had a good win against

Bolton Wonderers so they will also be hoping for another win. Chorley appear to be going

through some disruption internally but they have a good history in the league with some very

experienced players and will it will be another good test for the Bantams.

City line-up: Routledge, Roberts © (Prothero 46), Sales, Shepherd, Woodcock, Stube,

Norde, Stuart, Hunt (Willoughby 80), Durrant, Jakeman (Sumaili 56)

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